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July 23, 2011

Why Men Like Getting Head

Swallow that Blowjob Okay, now, think this through: what's so great about having a woman give you a blow job? Is it the way it feels? No, that's not it. If that were it, a man could do it. Or a grandma. It's definitely not it.

Is it the way the woman looks? Absolutely! Watching a woman with a cock in her mouth is one of the most glorious events in any man's life, particularly if that member is his own. But what is it that makes how she looks so special?

Is it how hot she is? Pretty? Beautiful? DEFINITELY! Every woman, no matter how good looking, looks her best with a dick in her mouth, and men love for women to look beautiful. But is there more to it than just this? And if so, what?

Is it the woman's enthusiasm? YES!

A woman who is doing it as a favor to the man, literally "giving" a blow job, is far less attractive than a woman who is doing it for herself. A woman who is just drawn to it, who wants to suck on it, who wants to experience its throbbing on her tongue as it comes, who hungers to feel the flood of warmth on her tongue (or face!) and to swallow it all down, a woman who is turned on and titillated by it, now that's the most attractive woman. A woman who, behaving authentically, makes the man feel like he's done her a favor by letting her suck it - because, from her point of view, he has done her the favor, now that's the woman men crave. And it's not just because a woman like this is going to do it more often. Nope. Out of any two equally beautiful women who go to town on it equally often, the one who is doing it to satisfy her own desire, rather than the man's, is the one who is going to be the greatest turn on by far!

Deep Throat GoddessNow one thing that women who love it and have enthusiasm for it have in common is that they tend to get very good at it, and good at multiple techniques. They try everything, and love it. And, with that in mind, here's a woman just like that - Deep Throat Goddess Angelina Valentine!

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