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April 27, 2011

What A Woman Should Look Like

What a woman should look like.Now THAT is what a woman should look like, isn't it? And I'm not just talking about 20 year old girls, either, I'm talking about women, from 18 to 58.

Impossible? Hardly. I see women in that age range frequently who look as good as the woman in the cover of that book. They manage to accomplish it by actually giving a damn, instead of letting themselves fall apart.

Here's the difference between men and women: women know how to get men to come after them for sex and virtually every woman can do it: eat healthy food, take care of the physical body, and hit the gym. Men, on the other hand, have no clue. But the point is, women who want sex take care of themselves. Women who don't particularly want sex allow themselves to turn into fat blobs - and then claim to have a "sex drive" because they use their dildos 5x per day. But that's not a sex drive, it's a dildo drive.

Men have much more of a legitimate excuse for getting fat. It's this: when men hit the gym and make themselves great looking, it doesn't typically result in more or better sex. Lots of exercise books and gurus tell us that the problem with sticking to a fitness regimen is that people don't get the fitness results that they want. That's a load of crap though. It's completely wrong. If you exercise then getting the results is too damned easy - it's almost impossible not to get the results if you're putting in the time at the gym. The results that men don't get, unfortunately, are the results that they're really after when they start an exercise program: more sex with more attractive partners. But what happens instead? Men get the body, but not the girl. Meanwhile, some asshole with a fat ass and a BMW gets the girl. What's a guy to do? He thinks, "Why bother?", and gives up the gym membership.

For women, on the other hand, it always works. If they hit the gym, flatten those abs, make that butt awesome, then the guys are going to come running. So what makes them quit? Answer: they don't like sex as much as men.

How does that statement strike you? Well, think about this: for men, a session of sex is like pizza: even a bad one is pretty damned good. But many women have sex and think it wasn't worth the time (and often it's only a few minutes of time). Is it any wonder they stop taking care of their physiques and retire to the bedroom with a vibrator instead of a man?

Well, this book should help. The Secrets of Female Sexuality is really a book to help women to have better sex by teaching men what drives women wild. So get that gym membership and this book, and make that asshole with the BMW start envying YOU.

Posted by Lance at April 27, 2011 06:02 PM

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