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April 29, 2012

Get Some Hot Girl Fun!

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July 23, 2011

Why Men Like Getting Head

Swallow that Blowjob Okay, now, think this through: what's so great about having a woman give you a blow job? Is it the way it feels? No, that's not it. If that were it, a man could do it. Or a grandma. It's definitely not it.

Is it the way the woman looks? Absolutely! Watching a woman with a cock in her mouth is one of the most glorious events in any man's life, particularly if that member is his own. But what is it that makes how she looks so special?

Is it how hot she is? Pretty? Beautiful? DEFINITELY! Every woman, no matter how good looking, looks her best with a dick in her mouth, and men love for women to look beautiful. But is there more to it than just this? And if so, what?

Is it the woman's enthusiasm? YES!

A woman who is doing it as a favor to the man, literally "giving" a blow job, is far less attractive than a woman who is doing it for herself. A woman who is just drawn to it, who wants to suck on it, who wants to experience its throbbing on her tongue as it comes, who hungers to feel the flood of warmth on her tongue (or face!) and to swallow it all down, a woman who is turned on and titillated by it, now that's the most attractive woman. A woman who, behaving authentically, makes the man feel like he's done her a favor by letting her suck it - because, from her point of view, he has done her the favor, now that's the woman men crave. And it's not just because a woman like this is going to do it more often. Nope. Out of any two equally beautiful women who go to town on it equally often, the one who is doing it to satisfy her own desire, rather than the man's, is the one who is going to be the greatest turn on by far!

Deep Throat GoddessNow one thing that women who love it and have enthusiasm for it have in common is that they tend to get very good at it, and good at multiple techniques. They try everything, and love it. And, with that in mind, here's a woman just like that - Deep Throat Goddess Angelina Valentine!

Click to Learn About Angela's Enthusiasm!

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April 27, 2011

What A Woman Should Look Like

What a woman should look like.Now THAT is what a woman should look like, isn't it? And I'm not just talking about 20 year old girls, either, I'm talking about women, from 18 to 58.

Impossible? Hardly. I see women in that age range frequently who look as good as the woman in the cover of that book. They manage to accomplish it by actually giving a damn, instead of letting themselves fall apart.

Here's the difference between men and women: women know how to get men to come after them for sex and virtually every woman can do it: eat healthy food, take care of the physical body, and hit the gym. Men, on the other hand, have no clue. But the point is, women who want sex take care of themselves. Women who don't particularly want sex allow themselves to turn into fat blobs - and then claim to have a "sex drive" because they use their dildos 5x per day. But that's not a sex drive, it's a dildo drive.

Men have much more of a legitimate excuse for getting fat. It's this: when men hit the gym and make themselves great looking, it doesn't typically result in more or better sex. Lots of exercise books and gurus tell us that the problem with sticking to a fitness regimen is that people don't get the fitness results that they want. That's a load of crap though. It's completely wrong. If you exercise then getting the results is too damned easy - it's almost impossible not to get the results if you're putting in the time at the gym. The results that men don't get, unfortunately, are the results that they're really after when they start an exercise program: more sex with more attractive partners. But what happens instead? Men get the body, but not the girl. Meanwhile, some asshole with a fat ass and a BMW gets the girl. What's a guy to do? He thinks, "Why bother?", and gives up the gym membership.

For women, on the other hand, it always works. If they hit the gym, flatten those abs, make that butt awesome, then the guys are going to come running. So what makes them quit? Answer: they don't like sex as much as men.

How does that statement strike you? Well, think about this: for men, a session of sex is like pizza: even a bad one is pretty damned good. But many women have sex and think it wasn't worth the time (and often it's only a few minutes of time). Is it any wonder they stop taking care of their physiques and retire to the bedroom with a vibrator instead of a man?

Well, this book should help. The Secrets of Female Sexuality is really a book to help women to have better sex by teaching men what drives women wild. So get that gym membership and this book, and make that asshole with the BMW start envying YOU.

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April 26, 2011

This is ObedientBird

Girl on Webcam Ain't she cute? ObedientBird is an 18 year old actress who likes to strip tease and practice different positions. She also likes to role play. Ask her WHAT ELSE she likes - you'll be pleasantly surprised!

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April 23, 2011

Women are Losers and Winners

Are you trying to figure out what women want or how to get the girl? Well, here's some advice from an old '80s band called Accept: They're losers and winners.:

You told me that you like her
But she doesn't wanna know
You tried so much to take her
But there's no way to go

I know that kind of feeling
Knocking on someone's door
I know the endless crying
When you don't know what you're living for

Write a letter (what's the matter)
You'll feel better (write a letter)
You'll feel better when it's done

Here's an example. Earlier today I clicked over to one of those sexually explicit sites and saw a video of a hot chick, maybe 20 years old, giving a guy of around the same age a little bit of "mouth action". It was clearly a bit of amateur video, because you could tell that whoever was shooting it was hiding behind something, probably something hanging, and the person shooting the video was probably in a closet. The guy who was getting sucked would occasionally look toward the camera and communicate using a grin or another facial expression, so he clearly knew he was being videotaped. The girl had no clue.

Anyway, they're both totally naked on a bed and for a while the girl is on her back while the guy 'effs her in the mouth. This goes on for quite a while. But then the guy gets up and stands on the floor at the foot of the bed. The girl gets into a really hot doggy position and keeps going down on him. Suddenly she stops and says, "Don't you come on me! Don't come on me!" He assures her that he won't and she goes back to work. He grins at the camera with a knowing smile and then works himself in her mouth until he's ready to pop. At the moment of truth, he grips her head to hold her in place while he shoots his contribution into her mouth as she struggles to get away. When he finally lets her go, she hurries off to the side of the bed, takes a big drink of something out of a plastic cup at the side of the bed, then slams it down and says, "You BASTARD! You promised you wouldn't come on me!" She was really mad. He says that he didn't come on her, that he came in her mouth, knowing full well that he was playing word games. She's still cursing and she starts getting dressed. And then, at this point, the guy holding the camera steps out of his hiding place and she sees him. Still standing there naked from the waist down, she says, "What's this...?!!!" That's where the video ended.

There is one way to show
What you feel for the girl
Write her a lovely letter
Tell her what you're looking for

Don't think it's old fashioned
To take one's heart (when it's true)
You gotta take it as a man
When you can't win her in this game

Write a letter (what's the matter)
You'll feel better (write a letter)
You'll feel better when it's done

So, what's the point? Well, this guy was clearly a jerk. Not only is he willing to make her do something during an intimate moment that she clearly does not want to do, but he's also got some guy that she doesn't know about filming the escapade without her knowledge. Additionally, the facial expressions he made when he communicated with the camera were clearly very "macho" in attitude. And, no doubt, the video was probably uploaded to that website without her permission. Hell, he and his filming friend probably showed the video off to lots of their friends before uploading it and embarrassed the girl.

So the question is this: Why was this super sexy girl even in that situation with the guy in the first place? The answer is: women are losers and winners, just like you and me. They want to have sex, just like we do. And this guy, although I saw nothing special about him, wasn't fat - he was in decent shape - so she probably found him sexy - or, at the very least, adequate. And, most importantly, he probably asked her to have sex with him. And that's what women want: opportunities for sex.

There are losers and winners
Just like you and me
Losers and winners - just like you and me

You should give me the letter
I'll use it for my own (ha ha)
Maybe she wants to take me
Before she stays alone

Could be my destination
To pick up broken heart
Why don't you take it easy
And screw the girl who's next to you

Write a letter (what's the matter)
You'll feel better (write a letter)
You'll feel better when it's done

Let's dwell on that for a second, because it is important. It's the old "Nice guys vs assholes" issue: women say that they want "nice guys", yet men who consider themselves to be "nice guys" see these women lost to "assholes" - and they don't feel a bit sorry for the women when they complain about being abused as a result.

The issue is easily resolved, though. The men who consider themselves "nice guys" aren't the kinds of guys that women call "nice guys". Instead, these men are typically guys who are afraid of offending women - or, for that matter, afraid of offending anyone. Thus they never make a move, they never as the girl out or...heaven forbid...ask the girl back to their place. Instead, these "nice guys" tell themselves that they're "respecting her", when the truth is that they're just cowards. Women usually refer to them as "pushovers".

What women mean when they say "nice guys" are a special class of "bad boys". Bad boys are guys who aren't afraid of offending people, they're not afraid to find themselves in conflict or tense situations, and they sure aren't afraid of asking a girl back to their place for some steamy fun. Women LOVE Bad Boys. But women want a special class of these bad boys who women, themselves, refer to as "nice guys". What a woman means when she says that she wants a nice guy is that she wants a bad boy who won't sleep with her sister or her best friend. What women want is to find a hot bad boy, tame him, and have his sexiness all to herself.

So, back to the girl from the video: what was she doing with that asshole? Well, women don't want to lose either. Imagine yourself in the position of the woman when a guy asks her back to his place for some sex. For her, this is an opportunity. She might not be ready for it, maybe doesn't even want it on that very night. But, she's under pressure. She's thinking of all of the future opportunities she might miss out on if she tells him no. Will he ask her out again? Will she get more of a chance to get to know him? She wants him to be happy, so chances are that she accepts his proposal. And, if he's taken care of himself (i.e., he's not fat), chances are that she feels a bit of biological urge to get into his pants as well.


And speaking of hot girls, check out Mariette, here. She's awesome. She loves roses, sensual kisses, champagne, a sincere smile, sparkling eyes, and a gentleman who know how to treat a girl. Say 'Hello' to her, eh?

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